Monday, January 18, 2010

Hookah Etiquette

Here is some Hookah Etiquette. Don't be a fool! Know your "rools." (Notice the rhyming skills?)
  • Never light a cigarette near a hookah. Do not ash your cigarette on a hookah tray. Never use the coals to light your cigarette. 
  • It is considered insulting in Arabic culture to point the end of your hose at someone. Always fold the hose and point the end of it towards yourself when passing it off to the next person.
  • The person who packed the bowl takes the first hit, the person who lit the charcoal goes second. 
  • Some multi-hosed Hookahs have auto seal, but for those who do not, it is only kind to place your thumb over the mouthpiece when you aren't smoking so others do not inhale air from your uncovered hose.
  • Never blow smoke in someone else's face unless you have consent. 
  • Wrap your hose around the shaft to consider yourself "done" for the session.
Have good etiquette makes any hookah experience a better one! Be wise, be nice, be humble and be safe!

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