Monday, January 18, 2010

HOW TO: Being a Good Hookah Host

This is your guide on how to be the best possible Hookah host as you can be and considering Hookah smoking is usually a social get-together, you may be interested in doing it often! There is a lot that can be considered when becoming a host and it all depends on how much thought you're interested in putting into it. Either way, a little or a lot, you're bound to have fun regardless.

But for those who are interested in putting a little more effort into hosting a Hookah gathering, this guide is perfect for you.

Set the Mood
Lights: When having people over, I enjoy a lighter setting. I allow my lights to dim low, create some great ambiance with light scenting candles to go with the flavor of the shisha we will be smoking (usually Vanilla or Coconut are great scents that mix well with many flavors). Dim lights create a mood that is relaxing. Some people enjoy adding UV lights to the mix, but I do not.
Music: Gather some of your favorite Arabic, Belly dancing-type music together on a playlist and play it low on a constant shuffled repeat. My favorite music for smoking hookah is a lot of Cirque du Soleil from their shows such as Ka, O, Mystere, La Reve and others. I tend to gear myself more towards non-vocal songs, or atleast vocals I can understand!

Food: I love to offer picky foods during the time I have people over. Offering anything from simple popcorn and chips to elaborate Arabic favorites such as cucumber salads, hummus and pita bread can do the trick! I have offered some recipes below on how you can make your own (though they are easy enough to make them yourself).
Drink: Often, the offering of a spiced tea or coffee is a way to show hospitality in Arabic cultures. I always love to offer Turkish Coffee (which is usually spiced with cardamom), or a Persian hot tea (or Earl Grey/Twinnings Black Tea). The tea is the usually your best bet. It is easily found in any supermarket and easy to make. Serve without milk.

I am a fan of playing games while smoking the hookah. While the games can be drinking ones, I enjoy just the Buzz I get from a hookah above all. A simple game without a board would be fun. I suggest games such as Taboo, Thingsand Guess the Person. All are REALLY tons of fun!

Other Things to Consider
Health: Always consider the health of yourself and others around you. Take the time to purchase some mouth pieces. This can protect both you and your guests. They come very cheap and can be found at many Hookah retail websites like
Be Prepared!: Set up the room where you will be entertaining before your guests come. If you are using natural charcoals it is important that they are ready to go when your friends arrive. Have your hookah bowl packed and ready! It's hard to relax yourself when your friends over and you're thinking about what you have to do next. Being prepared will help ease your worries.
Etiquette: Some of your friends may be new to this and necessarily not know the etiquette. Pointing it out to anyone can come off as rude. Have it posted somewhere or have others learn off of you!
Safety First!: If it is possible, set your hookah on the floor. Use a wind cover for your hookah coals so in case of a fallen hookah pipe, the coals will be protected by stainless steel and not cause flames to fabrics, carpets and friends! Use a mouthpiece as stated above.

Remember to have fun!

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