Sunday, January 17, 2010

REVIEW: Wind Covers

"What is the point of a wind cover if I only smoke indoors," is the question that is probably going through your mind right about now. But fear not my lovely Hookah lovers, there is a purpose for it regardless. Are you interested in retaining heat with the coals you are using allowing them to last longer? That is the purpose of a wind cover, even when you are indoors!

There are only about a handful of wind covers I came across when researching for my own. The one I, personally, suggest is the Egyptian Premium Wind Cover. At $9.95 from, it is not only a sleek design but is a very inexpensive piece.

There are many things that make me choose the Egyptian Premium Wind Cover over it's competitor, the Taj Wind Cover. Aside from the price ($12.95 to $9.95), the Taj Wind Covers design is missing probably the most important part-- a HANDLE. Using this device will cause it to heat up at extreme temperatures at a very quick pace.  I'm actually VERY surprised that Taj didn't think of this easy addition when designing the wind cover. This causes their customers to become creative when handling the product.

Not only do wind covers serve as a purpose for a long-lasting coal, it retains and evenly distributes heat to your shisha, also allowing it to last longer. While some may not prefer to smoke outside, wind is coming from somewhere inside as well, and it's always a money-conscious decision to add this to your box of Hookah goodies!

Protection is key, as well, when smoking your hookah. A wind cover will save your carpet or table from being replaced if your hookah was to ever topple over. Because the Egyptian Premium Wind Cover fits snug around the clay bowl, when falling it keeps the coal within. Safety first, especially when dealing with something as scalding as a hot coal!

All in all, I give this wind cover a 10/10. I wouldn't go any other way, especially at under $10!

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