Thursday, January 21, 2010

TIPS/TRICKS: Mixing your Shisha for New Flavors!

I enjoy mixing shisha's I have already purchased to create a new enjoyable flavor to smoke with. The following are some good mixes I have come across while experimenting and I would love if you can post your own!

Peaches and Cream
Equal parts of peach shisha and vanilla shisha creates a peaches and cream taste that is to die for! You can also either add more of either type to create a more peachy taste or cream taste. You can also replace the peach with blueberry, strawberry or Orange.

Root Beer Float
Double parts Root Beer shisha and one part vanilla. Hookah Hookah makes a root beer shisha and runs for about $10.00 per 250 grams. I always put more Root Beer shisha than vanilla because it is what makes a Root Beer Float a Root Beer Float!

Warm Apple Pie
Two parts double apple shisha and one part cinnamon shisha. I also sometimes add apple juice to my water base with a soaking cinnamon stick to intensify the flavor. Just close your eyes and imagine taking a bite out of this pie, without the calories!

Raspberry Mint Chocolate Milk
Double parts raspberry shisha, and equal parts of chocolate and vanilla. Some hookah enthusiasts love to put some raspberries in the water base, but I do not find this at all satisfying and it doesn't really add anything to the flavor. I think it's more of a fun look to the base when you inhale and bubbles form.

Refreshing Summer's Day
Equal parts lemon and mint shisha. I add actual slices of lemon into my water base or squeeze a bit of lemon juice into the water base for added flavor. You can even throw some fresh mint leaves into the water base to intensify it all!

How to Mix
I mix my shisha on a tin foil with a wooden Popsicle stick and when I find that it is mixed completely I transfer it into the clay bowl. Please don't make the mistake I did the first time and mix it inside the bowl. Some of the shisha will clog the holes if you do this or even get past the holes. Remember to leave it fluffy!

What are some of your favorite shisha mixes?


  1. Having a cola shisha and mixing it with Vanilla or Cherry is good as well. Kind of like Vanilla cola or Cherry cola. I suppose it's possible to experiment with this too and even use lemon with cola to make a citrus cola?

    Anyway, do you find that mixing the shisha like this works just as well as having a double bowl and just keeping the shisha separate from each other?

  2. I don't prefer double/triple bowls only because I find it a waste of coals. I only see use to double/triple bowls if there is a lot of people smoking at once.

  3. Those are some great ideas.I even love the cola idea. I actually tried your warm apple pie 1 will good results. thanks hookah diaries!

  4. I'm glad you tried it with a successful return. You're welcome!

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  6. I have subscribed to your rss, keep it up diaries !!!

  7. Random question I mixed some flavour today but ended up making alot could I store the mix and smoke it tomorrow or would it taste wierd?