Friday, January 22, 2010

REVIEW: Types of Hookah Bowls

While there are tons of companies with their own version of a variety of hookah bowls, I have collected an array of the general ones that are popular with the community for everyone to read, compare, contrast and make their own opinions about.

Tangiers Bowl

About: This bowl has no holes on the bottom of it. This innovated design allows the shisha to stay moist and keep it from being burned due to the spire in the middle that is now the new place for holes. The smaller version of the bowl holds about 35-40 grams of shisha and the larger version of the bowl holds about 70-100 grams of shisha. The design also allows for a longer smoke! The Tangiers bowl measures 3 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches in height..
Pros: I love this bowl and it is probably my favorite of all that I will review. The design is so different from any other and it has brought hookah smoking to a more modern time. You won't get the harsh smoke from this bowl like you will from others after an hour of smoking because the shisha is pretty much impossible to burn and it is easy to clean! What a joy!
Cons: This bowl is hard to pack and requires a different approach. Some may not know this and cause them to dislike the bowl. Also, foil puncturing is changed as well due to the shape.
Price: Small or Large: $14.95 from

Medusa Bowl 

About: At 5.6" tall, these are giant bowls that are generally for hookah parties. They are very large and allow for a lot of shisha to be packed in. They have a unique head that is flat, yet wide.
Pros:  The bowl is big, I have to give it that. It holds a considerable amount of shisha, but that is basically it.
Cons: I didn't really understand the concept of this. Why not just use a multiple head bowl? The design did intrigue me as to why they decided to make it fat and not deep, but I found no real reason behind it. Making it flat also takes away a lot of space than if it would be deep.
Price: $11.95 from

Double/Triple/Quad Bowl

About: These bowls come with either two, three or four heads attached to a base that will connect to your hookah. You will be able to smoke double, triple or quadruple the amount of tobacco if you are entertaining more friends or mix your shisha without actually mixing it in one bowl.
Pros: These are great for people who smoke with MANY friends and don't feel like constantly refreshing the bowl. Another great use of these are to mix shishas while not actually mixing them together. You will be able to experiment by easily adding, removing or changing shisha's around all in one session.
Cons: These bowls waste a lot of shisha for those who do not smoke a lot or with many people. Also, to use them effectively, you will need twice, three times or four times the amount of coals at once. I find this very costly.
Price: Double: $9.95, Triple $11.95, Quadruple $14.95 from

Chamber Bowl

About: These bowls are for a single or double smoking team who is interested in mixing shisha without actually mixing them together. You are able to place about 10 grams (max) in each chamber and up to three different shisha flavors at once.
Pros: What is GREAT about these is that they are effective for people who smoke with one or two other people and do not feel like mixing their shisha together.
Cons: These are not easy to clean, nor are they easy to come by. I have found ONE website that sold them.
Price: $9.95 from

Ice Chamber Bowl 

About: This bowl allows hookah smokers to fill a chamber area with water and then freeze it prior to smoking. The thought is that the ice will cool down the smoke and keep the shisha from burning.
Pros: Adding ice either in the water base, stem or bowl is allowing the smoke to condense and cool down. The great thing about ice is that condensed smoke allows you to intake more and since it is cooled down, it won't be harsh on your throat. The ice lasts a very long time and doesn't melt quickly in room temperature.
Cons: The makers of this bowl ask that the customer only place water in 1/2 the bowl so when it does freeze and expand, it doesn't break the bowl. However, even when this happened, a lot of people have claimed that the bowl has broken regardless.
Price: $8.30 from Rodman Store


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