Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HOW TO: Storing and Reviving your Shisha

Storage is important to keep your expensive shisha the way it came when you originally purchased it. If you're like me, you have over 20 different flavors from different companies and when you aren't organized, things will get misplaced. When shisha isn't stored correctly, it can become dried out and begin to get stale. To avoid this, we have a few ideas on how to restore your shisha.

I store all my shisha in a labeled zip-lock bag and inside a tin canister. Some of the shisha I get comes in boxes which do not serve as great storage. I find that if I am uniform and orderly, everything goes easier and I am way more relaxed about smoking. Shisha that already comes in tin cans get new zip-lock bags and stored back into their original packaging. I chose tin cans because they create a dark and cool environment  which is ideal for your shisha. Try grabbing an old tin canister from coffee, or by purchasing empty new ones from craft stores. Label your zip-lock bag the shisha's company name and flavor as well as when it was opened. Roll up, fold and place into the large tin can. I fill a coffee can with at least 10 different 100 gram shisha.  Place all tin cans in a cool and dry area. Do not store in the refrigerator as the inconstant temperature will cause your shisha to age very quickly.

Reviving your Shisha
Sometimes, if not stored correctly, your shisha will dry out a bit. It is very important that the shisha you smoke is juicy (at least, that is how I like it best). To restore your shisha is as simple as 1, 2,3, with some common house-hold ingredients.  You can use either honey, molasses or corn syrup to the shisha to bring it back to life. As a general rule of thumb, I add about a dime-size amount of either of the restoring agents to 25 grams of tobacco. Remember, you do not want your tobacco to be dripping off molasses as this will cause clogging of your stem and clay bowl. Some of my other friends prefer to mix some good shisha with the dry and creating a new flavor. For instance, if your vanilla is dry, you can add apple shisha (which, let's say, isn't dry) at a 2:1 ratio (2 servings of good shisha per 1 serving of dry shisha) to make a new apple/vanilla blend.


  1. I put them in mason jars. It seems to work well. Thanks for the tip

  2. I have some of those lying around, it would definitely be a good alternative because it's clear and you can see what's inside! Thanks!

  3. I just splash 2 3 drops of ice cold water n mixed it in and smoke it works fine still

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  5. I heard you should fry out your shisha. I bought a different brand and it is extremely moist. What should I do?