Saturday, February 6, 2010

REVIEW: Fantasia Wild Mango

Bowl Used: Triple Hose Maju
Foil:  Reynolds Wrap, double fold
Water Base: Ice water.
Coal Configuration: Three 33mm Three Kings Coal
Cut of the Tobacco: Dyed. Tobacco was shredded. I found MANY big, thick stems. Some of the tobacco wasn't even cut at all and I had to run scissors through it.  I was VERY unhappy with the cut.
Smell: Smells a lot like artificial mango, it's a heavy scent, but not natural.
Flavor: The taste is there, but to my tongue it tastes more like pineapple than mango. I understand that mango is a hard flavor to get, but to get a completely different fruit is odd.
Smoke:  Smoke is weak, it never got even NEAR smokes I get from Starbuzz or HookahHookah.
Longevity: Everything lasted me about an hour and to be honest, I'm glad it didn't last longer.
Overall thoughts: The smell is kinda mangoy, but more artificial than anything. It has a taste, but nothing like my beloved mangoes. I'm very dissapointed. To add, the shisha was just complete and utter crap. Way too much molasses, HUGE stems that just aren't even funny and large pieces of uncut shisha that was un-packable until I had to take a pair of scissors to them. This is just unacceptable for a company that specializes in shisha. I'm not a fan at all and do not recommend this to anyone. My rating is extremely nice for what I received. I am being really lenient here.

RATING: 1.5/10

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