Thursday, February 11, 2010

REVIEW: Chronic Hookah Natural Coals

Coal Package: The package was a carboard box that held 48 pieces of square coals. They were tightly packed within a plastic bag and taped down. It was very neatly packaged.
Appearance: The coals are about one inch in diameter and a 1/2 an inch high. They are all evenly shaped. They do not transfer easily to your fingers and are a tightly packed coal.
Smell: Before heating, during heating and after heating, there is absolutely no smell to these coals.
Ease of Lighting / Source of Light: I used a single coil burner to light these. I heated them two minutes on each side until they burned red hot. They were very easy to burn for a natural and I was able to do other things (pack my bowl, set up my base) while they were cooking up.
Ash: These coals ash very little bit. About ten minutes in, there was not even a millimeter of ash covering the coals.
Duration: These coals lasted me over an hour and a half. I could have went longer if my shisha did!
Quality of Heat: There is significant heat coming from these little guys. I could have probably gotten away with using two and a wind cover, but decided to go with three for my first try.
Price: You can purchase these coals at or for $8.00 for a 48-piece and $13.99 for a kilos worth.
Overall: Very impressed with these coals. I am very pleased to continue using them and will shy away from using my quick lights (saving them for lazy days). Comparing them to quick lights, they are completely odor and smokeless. They bring a great amount of heat to the shisha and does not distort the taste in anyway of the shisha itself. I would love to see these in a finger coal version to be able to cut my own pieces. I would of made them about 2-3 inch finger coals and used one or two for a session just to myself.

RATING: 9/10


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