Saturday, January 16, 2010

TRICK/TIP: Get creative with your waterbase!

Your waterbase is what makes your hookah, a hookah! Getting creative with your waterbase can mean a more pleasurable smoke for you and your friends. Most people simply put water, but did you know that the temperature of the water can be key? Using ice cold water not only helps cool down the heat of the smoke, but condense it so you can take in more into your lungs. I never will again use room-temperature water after realizing the smooth properties a waterbase with ice cold brings to the smoke. Try it!

What else can you try? I have experimented with a few things and plan to experiment with more as I go along.

  • Ice cold liquor/water mixture: This is a great way to get some sort of liquor taste in your inhale. I dilute it with water only because of the cost of liquor, I find it does enough to get the mouth tingling. Try Malibu rum with pineapple/coconut shisha for a "Pina Colada" taste, or vodka with lime/lemon shisha for "Electric Lemonade." Beware that this will also make you feel tipsy.
  • Fruit Punch/Fruit Juice substitute: Using this as a substitute will work wonders for the flavor, you will taste it instantly! Just make sure you clean your hookah very soon after your session is complete so it does not get sticky.
  • Sprite/Seltzer: This will give a menthol taste, so try it with some mint tobacco! Water this down considerably. This can cause harsh effects.
  • Wine: Try using this in your base with some fruit tobacco for a "sangria" taste. Yum!
What are your tricks/tips on how you get creative with your waterbase. I'd love to try some of them!


  1. I read somewhere that coffee is actually suppose to be good to put in the base. As to why, I'm not sure. But this person said it's better than anything he's tried since it makes it more condense.

    I would assume he's talking about ice coffee.

    Have you heard about this before?

  2. No, never have heard that before. Have you read if he's done it with milk/sugar or straight coffee? That would be interesting to try. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to let you, and everyone else, know how it goes!

  3. I believe it was just straight coffee without milk/sugar. If I find out, I will let you know!

  4. I tried using Cranberry/Sprite combo last night and it seemed that the smoke became more harsh and I wasn't able to hold it in as long/as much.

    Is this due to the fact Cranberry juice has a harsh taste to begin with?

  5. Probably. I have never tried Cranberry. What flavor shisha did you use it with?

  6. @Anonymous: it might be due to the carbonation of the liquid. I'm skeptical that it would taste good. You're basically pulling air up THROUGH a carbonated liquid, which is bound to cause lots of bubbles / harsh carbon dioxide to be released.

  7. Indeed. I definitely dilute my sprite down a lot when I use it. Good point!

  8. Fresh brewed hot coffee works best for some reason. If you don't believe me type into YouTube, "hot bong water".