Monday, March 1, 2010

REVIEW: Starbuzz White Peach and Sweet Melon Mix

Bowl Used: Single Hose Kahlil Mamoon, Vortex bowl
Foil:  Reynolds Wrap, double fold
Water Base: Cold Water
Coal Configuration: Three Chronic Hookah Natural Coals
Cut of the Tobacco: Moist, undyed tobacco. Cut is medium shred. Some tiny twigs, no thick stems.
Smell: Individually, White Peach smells like a candied peach, kind of like those peach gummy rings. The melon has more of a honey dew smell than a cantaloupe. Together, the smell is euphoric. I want to eat my shisha!
Flavor: The flavor is almost there, but not as great when they are seperated. It tastes like a mix of peach and melon, but very faint.
Smoke: Surprisingly, I didn't get as big of clouds as I usually get. I do not know why this was so.
Longevity: This lasted me about an hour.
Overall thoughts: This was okay, but I like the flavors separate better.

RATING: 6/10


  1. i kinda get what a hookah looks like and all but what does it do? is it just steam, tobacco, or pot?
    refined taste hookah

  2. Such a nice review man! :D Hoping to see more for some of the best hookahs ;)
    Shisha and Hookah