Thursday, February 4, 2010

REVIEW: Hookah Freak Snickerdoodle

Bowl Used: Triple Hose Maju and a Vortex
Foil:  Reynolds Wrap, double fold
Water Base: Ice water.
Coal Configuration: Three 33mm Three Kings Coal
Cut of the Tobacco: Moist tobacco. The cut was that you'd find in a cigarette. I'd like a bit more molasses, but this was fine.
Smell: For those who know what a Snickerdoodle is, this smells JUST like it. I definitely smell the cinnamon in the scent. I also smell faint scents of vanilla and brown sugar, typical of a cookie!
Flavor: The flavor replicated the smell exactly. It was amazing how they were able to do this. I really felt like I was taking a bite into a cookie.
Smoke:  The smoke was thick. It was perfect. I would compare it to Starbuzz clouds.
Longevity: This lasted me an hour and 15 minutes. The scent was throughout the session and only started to fade once 15 minutes came in. By then, my coals were done.
Overall thoughts:  I liked this flavor. They were bang on with the scent and flavor. I would have liked a bit more brown sugar and vanilla, but the cinnamon was the star in this one with great under tones that worked well with the mix.

RATING: 8.5/10

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