Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hookah Hookah
Sahara Smoke

Both Hookah Hookah and Sahara Smoke are ran by the same company. I bought separate orders around the same day before I learned about this. Once I did, I called their 1(800) number and asked if they can ship it together, they obliged and told me if the shipping was less, they'd give me the credit back of the difference. 

About a week later, my order was waiting on my door step. The packaging was very well done. It was done with a lot of pillow pak bubble wrap and everything was put into smaller baggies to contain it in one spot. Upon opening it, I immediately realized that there was a lot more shisha there than I actually ordered. It was Christmas day at my house! I have gotten an extra 2 shots of Hookah Hookah tobacco in Butter Scotch and Graham Crackers, 100g of Hookah Freak Snicker doodle, 50g of Hookah Hookah Irish Cream and two 50g of Hookah Hookah Tea Shisha in Orange and Kiwi! Total price of free stuff: $19.78! AWESOME!

The prices there are very fair in my opinion, especially if they're going to be throwing in some free stuff occasionally. I was happy with the customer service and when I called, I was satisfied with the answer in minutes.

Overall rating of SSC (the company that owns both websites): 10/10!

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  1. I've purchased a bunch of shisha from Saharasmoke and got a free vortex bowl, a free shot and calender from them! Still awaiting my order though!