Saturday, January 30, 2010

REVIEW: Hookah Hookah Butterscotch

Bowl Used: Triple Hose Maju
Foil:  Reynolds Wrap, double fold
Water Base: Ice water.
Coal Configuration: Three 33mm Three Kings Coal
Cut of the Tobacco: Undyed very fine to medium grounded typical hookah hookah tobacco. Not very wet, not dry.
Smell: The smell is a chemically butterscotch smell if you put your nose up against it. But if you wave it around in front of your nose to get a quick sniff, the smell is bang on for a creamy caramel/butterscotch scent.
Flavor: The taste is VERY strong with this. Hookah Hookah got the taste of butterscotch BANG ON! If I was to rate it on taste alone and how right they got the flavor, I'd definitely give it a 10/10. But because I'm more of a fruity shisha fan,
Smoke:  Smoke got thick only after I was forced to use a third 33mm three kings coal. It took about 15-20 minutes and I would compare the smoke to that of a weaker Starbuzz, but I definitely got some GREAT pulls and smoke from it that impressed me.
Longevity: Everything lasted me about an hour and a half.
Overall thoughts: I first want to say how grateful I am of for giving me this free shot of shisha. The shot is definitely enough to fill my small vortex bowl and good enough for a single person session. Overall, this is a strong flavor and for that alone it's enjoyable. The smell and taste is all butterscotch and as I have said before that they were BANG on with the smell and definitely the taste. No buzz from this whats so ever, but I kind of enjoyed that for a change! If I was to rate on taste alone and how on target they got this shisha, it would be a 10/10, but considering I am more of a fan of shisha flavors, I won't rate this as high if it was a fruit.

RATING: 7/10

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